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Make up is a beautiful thing. It allows us to hide any flaws we may have, gives a lot of people more confidence to be them and we can experiment with different looks and different products; however, it can also mean we end up blocking out our natural beauty, something that should be enhanced not hidden, completely. A wonderful beauty brand, Glossier, inspired me to create this post and sharing with you some of my favourite beauty products that allow me to highlight natural beauty.

Glossier believe that beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect, and personal and I could not agree more. When I first began using makeup, I wanted to apply as much to my face as I possibly could in order to hide what I saw as imperfections. However, as I have become more aware of my skin and the products that are out there, I now tend to go for an as natural as possible look on a regular daily basis. Glossier’s mantra is “skin first, makeup second, smile always”. This is something I now wish to live by and strongly encourage.


One skincare product that is relatively new to my regime but is something I cannot miss out is the ‘Cleanse and Polish’ hot cloth cleanser by Liz Earle. While not only removing makeup, this product and leaves my face looking incredibly clean and radiant. ‘Cleanse and Polish’ is a perfect way to start a skincare routine, whether morning or night. I have previously reviewed this gem of a product on my blog, you are able to read my full review of it here.


Having been using it continuously for over a year now, The Body Shop’s ‘Instablur’ facial primer is one product I never fail to use before applying my makeup. Due to suffering from oily skin, this primer is a perfect product for me to use to control shine and minimize pores. As my skin has improved drastically since this time last year, thanks to my current skincare routine, I now feel confident enough to wear this and powder alone, without having to apply a heavy duty foundation. ‘Instablur’ is a perfect way to show of your natural skin, while also controlling any oily issues you may have.


Although it has only been part of my makeup collection for several weeks, I believe that Bourjois’ ‘Java Rice Powder’ is a product that truly does help you to highlight your natural beauty. It is slightly shimmery yet not at all chunky and is perfect for adding a natural glow to your face. This powder is not at all heavy duty or high coverage, but very light and natural looking. ‘Java Rice Powder’ truly is one of the best products I have tried for achieving a glow on the go.


As always, thank you so much for reading this blog post and I’d like to say a big thank you to Glossier for being the inspiration behind this post. Please ensure you check out Glossier’s product page , they have some wonderful beauty and merchandise products which I’m sure a lot of you would love, and social media sites which are linked below.

Glossier website

Glossier twitter

Glossier Instagram


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Emily X

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