Exam Season

If you’re in the same situation as me your life is probably a mess right now. I get it but we aren’t the only ones. Exam season has caught up with us and is just around the corner and we aren’t feeling too great about it. The majority of us are wishing we started revising months ago like teachers told us to but no, we didn’t think that was a good idea at the time. This post is dedicated to a few revision/pre exam tips that I either like to do myself or have heard others recommend. Whether you’re reading this in 2016 or in years to come and are in the same position as me, I hope this helps.

Create a revision timetable

Although the idea of strict revision timetables doesn’t appeal to some people, I’ve found that creating one is probably the best thing I have done this time around. Last year when revising for my GCSE’s I had no structure whatsoever and probably spent more time revising on some subjects than I should’ve and a lot less on the ones I hated. Even a vague structure that has a plan of two or three subjects to look at each night is helpful.

With my revision timetable, I filled in blocks for when I’m at sixth form and work to begin with so I knew when I absolutely did not have the time to revise. I then pulled apart the different topics within the three subjects I study and filled each night with two topics, spending an hour on each. This way I find myself spending an equal amount of time on each. I also have quite a lot of space blank where I’m able to dedicate to homework, extra revision or any other activities (mainly just relaxing).

“Cheat” nights

Believe me, it is ok every so often to kick the revision books and bottomless piles of scribbled notes to a side and just relax. Find something that will take your mind off the thought of exams and just take a break. As long as this doesn’t become a regular occurrence or happen the night before an exam, it’s definitely ok every once in a while.

Look at the future outcomes

Yes, this is probably one your parents have drilled into your heads for God knows how long, “think of your future”, “imagine having a successful job”, we’ve all heard it before and I’m sorry to repeat it but in a way, it’s true. Maybe don’t look as far ahead as in ten years when you’ll have a job, but towards the summer. After exams are up and school/sixth form/college is done with for another year, you’re going to have all summer to do what the hell you want. Your Instagram profile is still going to be there, your YouTube subscription box is still going to be there, cinemas across the nation are still going to be open and the shops will still be stocking alcohol (if that’s what floats your boat) so don’t have those things as main priorities during such an important time in your life.

The night before an exam

In my opinion, the night (or if you’re lucky enough to have the full day available) before an exam should be spent focusing on the subject of the exam. Even if it does go against your revision timetable, you won’t regret allocating a few hours to your next exam and cram in that little bit extra revision. After revising, I also think it’s important to unwind and make sure you’re going to get a good night’s sleep. There’s nothing worse than feeling brain dead in an exam because you were awake all night worrying about it.

Organisation is key

Although I’m a firm believer that being organised is important, it is even more so the night before an exam. Making sure your bag is packed, clothes are ready and whatever else you may need is sorted the night before is going to save you so much more time on the morning of an exam and will help you avoid any extra stress than you’re probably already feeling.

Find a revision method that works for you

There are hundreds out there and there’s bound to be one that works for you! Whether it be mind maps, watching revision videos, rewriting the most important notes out, dotting post-it notes all over your house, doing past papers or even creating a song to memorise things – find one that suits your style of learning best. If you’re doing one and don’t feel like anything is going in, why the hell are you still doing it?

I may be no expert when it comes to this subject, but with it being the second time round I am experiencing it, I thought I’d put this together in hope that it might help even one person out and for myself to reread next year when doing (hopefully) my A2 levels. You’re definitely not the only one feeling a bit all over the place at the minute because I certainly am too. I hope you enjoyed this post and best of luck for your up and coming exams!

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Emily X

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