The best highlighter in town – The Balm Mary Lou

Possibly one of the most raved about products in the beauty industry over the course of the last year or so has to be The Balm’s ‘Mary Loumanizer’ highlighter. I (finally) purchased the product and decided to give it a try for myself in order to find out whether it truly is the best highlighter in town.

After proving to be incredibly difficult to find in a store near me (for some reason many of the Superdrug stores near me don’t stock The Balm cosmetics and the ones that do never have Mary Lou in stock) I was getting pretty desperate to have this highlight for my own. My heart almost skipped a beat when it caught my eye while passing a Superdrug store.

This versatile highlighting product is so incredibly pigmented; you only need the tiniest amount to achieve a gorgeous glow. It isn’t at all chunky and overly-glittery like some drugstore highlighters can be. This highlighter is also the perfect colour for my skin tone, I can imagine that the stunning gold/champagne colour would suit almost anyone.

mary lou2

The thought of ridiculously shimmery eyeshadows brings back bad memories from when I first began wearing makeup so when I heard other beauty bloggers and YouTubers saying they have worn this as an eyeshadow I can admit that I did turn up my nose, however after trying for myself I am in love. Using this as an eyeshadow would be a perfect subtle eyeshadow look for the upcoming spring/summer seasons.

I adore the classy, high end looking packaging this product is presented in, I’m not even slightly ashamed to admit I have kept the box in my makeup drawer just to look at from time to time and photograph numerous amounts of times for Instagram. As if things could not get any better, you also get a rather handy mirror!

mary lou3mary lou

In my opinion, this stunning highlighter has such a high quality, it could rival those of a much pricier brand. I can imagine it will last me so long as The Balm have been quite generous with the amount of product. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with this product. It is most definitely an eye catcher (in the best of ways) and can instantly make makeup look more radiant and life like.

The Balm’s Mary Loumanizer retails at £17.49 in Superdrug stores. This blog post is my own opinions only and was not sponsored by The Balm in any way. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my Twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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