Friday Faves: MegSays

Second up in my newest series, Friday Faves, is a lovely lady that I have mentioned on my blog numerous times before, non-other than the wonderful MegSays. Meg is one of those people whose videos I look forward to the most and when I do watch them they brighten up my day (cliché I know but very true).

After discovering Meg’s channel at the beginning of 2015, I almost instantly fell in love with the down to earth and kind hearted girl that was on my screen. She spoke about everything so positively and I went onto watching every video she had on her channel up to that point. I have loved watching Meg’s channel grow over the last year or so and wish her all the success in the world in the upcoming future. I can definitely see big things ahead for her!

Meg also has an incredible talent when it comes to writing. Her blog posts are always so on point and interesting, no matter what the subject topic is. To be honest, she could probably write an essay on how to make toast and still manage to make it sound interesting as hell. She always has great recommendations of products, making my ‘to buy’ wish list ten times longer every time I read a post or watch a video of hers.

As I mentioned in my current top five beauty bloggers/vloggers post, one of my favourite videos on her channel is her ‘harassed by a drunk man on the train’ video, despite it not being anything to do with beauty whatsoever. This video shows the true, brave kind hearted Meg and proves what an amazing person she is.

I’d love it if you could head over to Meg’s channel and social media platforms (all of which will be linked below) and send some love her way. I am positive you will love her and her channel just as much as I do.

Meg’s YouTube channel

Meg’s Blog

Meg’s Twitter

Meg’s Instagram

As always I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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