school stress and pressure

Who can honestly say they enjoyed every minute, of every day, of every year they were at school? Let’s be real, we all think/thought it was hell and as much as people will continue to say “school is the best years of your life” non of us would choose to relive those stress-filled thirteen-plus years again.

From our first day, we are no longer treated as individuals. Diversity is discouraged. Our prim and proper uniforms transform us into an army of identical robots with no evidence of any personality or individuality whatsoever. Rules are forced upon is to stop any sign of distinctiveness from seeping through. No outrageous hair colours. No boisterous makeup. No scandalous shoes. No originality at all.

We are forced into sitting memory tests, that determine our entire future, rather than intelligence tests. At the age of only fourteen, barely touching adulthood, they expect us to choose lesson options, only for them to be narrowed down further at college. They recommend that the classes we choose are a reflection on what job role we wish to possess in the future, an easy decision to make as a teenager, with no real work experience to go by.

As if the ghastly amount of pressure inflicted upon us by exams is not enough, we also have to deal with the inevitable social noise that attending school provides. What’s in. What’s out. Who’s cool. Who’s not cool enough. What was once play is now competition and what was once the joy to learn is now a struggle to excel further. Whether it comes from teachers, parents, friends or enemies the pressure we feel as students makes us feel like a mento in a coke bottle.

Don’t get me wrong, we all experience some golden days at school which we will treasure the memories of forever, but we train our minds into only memorising those as opposed to the bad memories of sobbing in your room for hours on end because of the anxiety and stress about the next upcoming exam, the days you gnawed your lip worrying over how your parents would react when you told them the grade you got on a test you expected to do better in. The heavy coat that school places upon our backs may be removed when we leave but life is ready to throw it right back on whenever the next important milestone comes along.

This post is a lot different to what I normally post, I am beginning to feel the pressure of exam season quickly approaching and decided to write down my thoughts for a post since I haven’t uploaded in a while.

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Emily X

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