Essie Prep ‘n’ Protect duo

Over the course of what has so far been 2016, I have gained a lot more patience when it comes to painting my nails which means I have also been painting my nails a lot more often. I find that whenever I have my nails painted I am a lot less likely to bite my nails (which has been a bad habit of mine since I was young). I recently discovered the prep ‘n’ protect duo by Essie and have been putting it to the test for the past few weeks.

Although some may say it is extra effort and takes up too much time, applying a base and top coat when applying nail varnish is essential to ensure your nails stay protected and don’t become weak, while also providing you with a longer wear out of the nail varnish. Although all top and base coats are designed to and claim to o the above, do they really? I’m pleased to confirm that this duo does!

essie prep n protect

The main reason that I love these prep ‘n’ protect polishes is that they are quick drying, it almost doesn’t feel like I am actually taking more time and effort. Unlike some other base and top coats they don’t apply too thickly, making it difficult to add nail varnish on top. Yet it is not too thin either, it is the perfect consistency. I have found that the base coat has helped to strengthen my nails, perfect for e as my nails are originally quite weak and tended to snap or split quite easily.

Like all Essie nail polishes, the packaging is stunning. Simple yet sophisticated. The pair look perfect displayed with the rest of my ever growing Essie collection. If you want to tempt yourself into making your nails prettier without having to get them done professionally, this set is perfect for you!

essie collection

Since I adore the prep ‘n’ protect duo kit, I cannot wait to try more Essie polishes. Despite having only a small collection, I would love to build it. Their colour range is phenomenal, they have something for everyone, and the quality is maintained throughout all of the polishes.

This blog post was not sponsored by Essie in anyway and is my own opinions only. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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