Maybelline ‘The Falsies – Push Up Drama’ mascara

As you may know by now, Maybelline is my all-time favourite drugstore brand and also manage to produce some of my favourite ever mascaras. I always love to try out their new products and the newest edition to their mascara collection, “the falsies push up drama” was no exception.

To start with, the packaging is completely different to all of their other ‘curved’ style mascaras. Despite not following the pattern, it manages to look very professional and high end. Its pink metallic packaging is stunning and would top off every girls’ makeup bag, however is slightly deceiving to the eye as it looks like a dual ended mascara at first glance.

maybelline falsies push up

The mascara wand itself is quite original, like no other mascara I have seen before. With its push up cup design, the plastic brush is designed to provide more volume and length to lashes, looking more natural and full than actual falsies. Although they say first impressions are everything, mine weren’t that great. The first time using this mascara, I didn’t like it; it got clumpy very easily even after only one coat. However, after re-trying it several times it may have quickly become one of my favourite mascaras.

push up wand

Despite having to be careful not to let the mascara get clumpy by applying too much, it does provide an incredible amount of length and volume, a lot more than most other drugstore mascaras. My eyelashes look so full when using this mascara. It also manages to look incredibly natural when only a minimal amount is applied. Unlike many other mascaras around at the moment, it dries soft on your eyelashes, meaning there is no flaking during the day. On the other hand, there is also no smudging whatsoever.

If you’re on a drugstore budget, I would definitely recommend giving this incredible mascara a go. Retailing at £5.99 from Boots yet providing the quality of a high end product, you cannot go wrong with the Maybelline ‘The Falsies – Push Up Drama’ mascara.

falsies push up

This blog post was not sponsored by Maybelline in anyway and is my own opinions only. Make sure you’re always caught up my following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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