NYX soft matte lip creams

One drugstore brand I have been yet to try until only weeks ago was ‘NYX’. Despite hearing a lot about the products they have to offer, the brand isn’t stocked in the drugstores where I live so it is quite difficult to get hold of products from the brand. However, I recently made a Boots order and decided it was worth my while trying out the brand’s ‘Soft Matte Lip creams’ since I have previously heard so many positive reviews about them.

Having not tried anything from this brand before, I didn’t know if I would actually like the lip creams myself, but I was pleasantly surprised by almost everything about the Soft Matte Lip creams and after getting a good use out of them, I think I may have fallen completely in love.

Firstly, the formula, neither sticky nor drying. The word ‘matte’ can sometimes bring connotations of bone dry lips to some people’s mind, however the finish of these is pretty much perfection and are certainly nothing to be scared away from. I have also found that their staying power is quite strong but when they do begin to fade, they fade nicely and evenly. Although it may not matter to some people, the lip creams also have a delicious vanilla scent which I adore, it makes me want to wear them even more than I already do!

The colour selection is also incredible! From your bright and bold pinks and reds, to subtle nudes; this collection of liquid lipsticks has every colour you could possibly want. I currently have three shades in my collection; ‘Stockholm’, a stunning nude, ‘San Paulo’, a muted hot pink and ‘Prague’ a slightly darker purple toned berry pink. I would love to try some more from the range, including the red shade ‘Monte Carlo’, a lighter pink in the shade ‘Antwerp’ and maybe even some more nude colours.


I personally believe these lip creams would be perfect for anyone starting out with makeup. They are easy to apply and also are inexpensive, retailing at only £5.50 from Boots. I cannot wait to add more of these to my makeup collection and I am sure I will be picking more up in the near future.

This blog post is my own opinions only and is not sponsored by NYX in any way. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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