The Disney Tag

Judging by my recent tweets and YouTube history, it is evident that I have rekindled my extreme love for Disney (not that it ever really went away). I decided now would be a pretty good idea to do the Disney Tag, I very rarely post things like this on my blog but it is something … Continue reading The Disney Tag

Behing the blog – one year on

Never in a million years did I expect to be writing this blog post, one year on from when I finally picked up the courage to upload my first ever blog post. Although the past year has flown over so quickly, it has been a mighty incredible one. I may not be the most experienced … Continue reading Behing the blog – one year on

Essie Prep ‘n’ Protect duo

Over the course of what has so far been 2016, I have gained a lot more patience when it comes to painting my nails which means I have also been painting my nails a lot more often. I find that whenever I have my nails painted I am a lot less likely to bite my … Continue reading Essie Prep ‘n’ Protect duo

My top 5 beauty bloggers/vloggers

I feel like sometimes there is never enough love and appreciation for each other on the internet. Although there are many bloggers and vloggers that I adore and have been following for a while now, if I wrote about them all I would be here all day and would end up with a blog post … Continue reading My top 5 beauty bloggers/vloggers

Maybelline ‘The Falsies – Push Up Drama’ mascara

As you may know by now, Maybelline is my all-time favourite drugstore brand and also manage to produce some of my favourite ever mascaras. I always love to try out their new products and the newest edition to their mascara collection, “the falsies push up drama” was no exception. To start with, the packaging is … Continue reading Maybelline ‘The Falsies – Push Up Drama’ mascara

Be Yourself

As you may have seen, a certain person who is a massive inspiration of mine and has a special place in my heart, George Shelley, recently posted a video online to clear speculations and rumours about his sexuality, in which he revealed he has had both girlfriends and boyfriends in the past. This post is inspired … Continue reading Be Yourself

NYX soft matte lip creams

One drugstore brand I have been yet to try until only weeks ago was ‘NYX’. Despite hearing a lot about the products they have to offer, the brand isn’t stocked in the drugstores where I live so it is quite difficult to get hold of products from the brand. However, I recently made a Boots … Continue reading NYX soft matte lip creams