‘Calm’ app review

After hearing various YouTubers such as Zoella and Tanya Burr talk about this app and how it helps them control their anxiety attacks, I decided to download the ‘Calm’ app to help me deal with exam stress last year. I’m the type of person that gets stressed so easily so this was the ideal app for me.

When you open the app, you can choose from a bunch of sceneries. From coastlines to firesides and rain pouring to sunbeams; you can select the one that suit you most and helps you to feel the most relaxed. I personally chose the ‘sunset beach’ scene as I find the sound of the ocean and crashing waves so relaxing, however I often alternate them depending on my mood. The scenery you select the plays every the you open the app.


After spending a minute or two to yourself, listening to the stunning scenery selected, you can then select a meditation program to start and carry out over a consecutive period of time or a simple timed mediation. You won’t need to worry about ‘doing it wrong’ with the ‘Calm’ app as the mediations are guided and the tips offered are super helpful. ‘Calm’ app have recently added some new meditation programs to their selection such as ‘7 days of sleep’, ‘7 days of happiness’ and ‘7 days of gratitude’. I can’t wait to try out the new additions.


Meditation is proven to increase focus, improves immune system and well-being, as well as decreasing anxiety by 30%. It also helps ignore distractions and lessens brain problems and premenstrual syndrome.

Downloaders are able to subscribe to the Calm app for their £29.99 per year or £7.99 per month in order to unlock exclusive programs and guided meditations. If you were to download the app and find it useful, using it often, I believe this would be well worth the money.

Overall, I adore the ‘Calm’ app and have seen benefits from it, such as helping my sleeping pattern and reducing my stress levels. I definitely recommend this app if you often find yourself feeling stressed or anxious.This blog post was not sponsored in any way and is my own opinions only. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram account.

Emily X

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