‘Yes To Tomatoes’ clearing facial mask

I recently decided that one thing I wish to do more in 2016 is take better care of my skin. It was only late last year that I started trying out more skincare products and decided to ditch the makeup wipes for more gentle makeup removing options. Although I don’t have a specific skincare routine just yet, one thing I like to do every so often, in order to help me relax or kick off a pamper sesh, is use a face mask. Having tried very few facemasks in the past, I went off online recommendations alone when choosing my latest one – the Yes to Tomatoes ‘clearing facial mask’.

I honesty had no idea what to expect with this face mask but after using it several times, I was pleasantly surprised. Aimed at combination skin, It’s fresh scent and cool sensation left my skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. The main ingredients, tomato and aloe, help to balance your skin as well as purify, refine and moisturise it too.

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After previously having allergic reactions to skin care products in the past, I am now extremely cautious about what products I use. Knowing that 95% of the ingredients used in this face mask reassured me that my skin would not react badly to this product. I definitely recommend this face mask and this brand to those of you with sensitive skin as there’s none of those nasty ingredients, that can make your skin ten times, worse in their products.

Simple yet beautiful, just like the product itself, the packaging looks super professional and will fit in perfectly in any skincare cabinet or desk.

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The ‘Yes To’ brand caters for all skin types, not just combination skin. They also have other skincare lines including their ‘Yes To Carrots’ line that suits normal/dry skin, along with the ‘Yes To Cucumbers’ for sensitive skin, ‘Yes To Grapefruit’ for uneven skin tones, and ‘Yes To Blueberries’ for fine lines and wrinkles. There really is something for everyone.

Although I have only tried one of their products, I think I may have fallen in love with this brand. I cannot wait to try out more of their ‘Yes To Tomatoes’ range and there’s no doubt that they’ll be featuring on my blog again in the near future.

You can find the ‘Yes To’ brand, including this face mask, in Boots stores and also on their website. This blog post was not sponsored in anyway and is my own opinions only. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my log, twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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