Too Faced “Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar” palette

After eyeing it up for what felt like forever, this Christmas I finally got my hands on the beautiful eyeshadow palette that is the Too Faced ‘Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar’ palette. Having never tried anything from Too Faced before, my high expectations were based completely on the incredible reviews I had heard. Chocolate and makeup, what more can a girl want?

Let’s start with the heart-eye-emoji-worthy packaging that this product comes in. It literally looks like a chocolate bar! Chocolate is probably one of my most favourite things in the world so I think the packaging was enough to entice me into buying this palette. It also comes kitted out with a large mirror, making it handy for on the go.


What can be more annoying than a product with stunning packaging but then the product it’s self is pretty much rubbish and you can just tell that you’ve paid just for the packaging? This palette certainly is not one of those types.

With an array of finishes, from matte to shimmery, the palette of sixteen shadows is one of the most stunning I have ever laid eyes on. I can honestly say that I will use all of the nude, chocolatey toned eyeshadows that this palette has to offer, which is very rare as I always find there is at least one eyeshadow in a palette that I would never use. The shades are all so wearable, incredibly pigmented and all-round beautiful.


It is hard to pick my favourite eyeshadows out of the selection but I’d have to say the ones that I adore the most are ‘pink sugar’, ‘bon bon’, ‘cocoa chili’, and ‘truffled’. I didn’t expect myself to like ‘pink sugar’ as it is essentially a shimmery pink eyeshadow and I thought it would make me look like a seven year old who has been rummaging around in their mother’s makeup bag; however it gives such a subtle shimmer to the eye, perfect for those days when you don’t want to wear heavy makeup but still want to look as if you have made an effort.

Although this palette may be amazing, the ‘Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar’ palette does not come at the cheapest price and I’m sure there are drugstore alternatives out there, but is it worth the money, and all the hype surrounding it? In my opinion, YES! I can see myself reaching for this palette over others that I own a lot in the future. This has quickly become one of my new favourite makeup items in my collection and I definitely recommend it to anyone willing to invest in a higher end palette. This palette has set a high standard for Too Faced as a brand for me and I look forward to trying more of their products in the near future.

The Too Faced ‘Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar’ palette retails at £39/$49. This blog post is my own opinions only and was not sponsored by Too Faced in anyway. Make sure you’re always caught up with me by following my blog, my twitter and my Instagram account. Thanks for reading.

Emily X

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