Winter Beauty Essentials

There are so many new beauty products that I have purchased recently, specifically for winter, as I believe there are certain products that you can’t live without during this time of year and if you didn’t have/use them, winter wouldn’t be the same.

My skin tends to get quite dry during winter, especially on my hands, so I believe a hand cream is essential. One of my favourites is the Zoella Beauty ‘Wonder Hand’ hand cream, which is part of her limited edition Christmas collection. It’s floral, feminine fragrance is long lasting and smells divine. Containing Vitamin E, shea butter an aloe, this hand cream leaves your hands feeling so soft and hydrated. Retailing at only £5.50 from Superdrug and, I personally believe this hand cream is so high quality for the small price. Soap and Glory also have some amazing hand creams such as their ‘Hand Food’ and ‘Hand Maid’ which are also high quality for a low price.


For the rest of your body, I think a thick body butter is also a must have. Soap and Glory have a great selection of these, the most famous and popular of which being their ‘righteous butter’. With the classic soap and glory scent, this body butter is super thick and feels incredibly moisturising, perfect for the winter season and for anyone who has dry skin.

righteous butter

Another major essential for the winter season has to be lip balm. My lips also get incredibly dry during the winter months and I find there is nothing worse than sore lips! One of my favourite brands for lip balm has to be Blistex as in the past I’ve found that their lip products completely repair my lips and leave them feeling s moisturised. Unlike some other lip balms that just feel greasy on my lips, these are quite thick and actually feel as if they are doing something, even if they aren’t. My favourite flavours are ‘raspberry lemonade blast’ which tastes and smells exactly like skittles and the ‘medicated berry balm’ which also has an SPF of 15. These are such great value for money; there is no excuse not to have ne in your handbag or bedside table.


No winter makeup look would be complete without a berry lip, as we have all learnt over the years from various beauty bloggers and youtubers. I have quite a collection of favourite shades, most of which happen to be from the drugstore. The classic Rimmel Kate 107, accompanied by 80 were bound to be in there somewhere, accompanied by MCs ‘mehr’, Rimmel 500 ‘diva red’ and Maybelline color drama in ‘berry much’.


I also believe no Christmas party look would be the same without some shimmery eye shadow. The Makeup Revolution ‘Flawless’ palette has a beautiful selection of warm toned, shimmery shadows, which would look perfect paired with some of the lipsticks above. This palette is high quality for its low cost. You can read my full review of the palette here.


I hope you enjoyed reading about what my winter beauty essentials are. To catch up with me between posts make sure you follow me on twitter and instagram. This blog post was not sponsored in anyway and is my own opinions only.

Emily X

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