Lush Christmas Collection 2015

If you have read previous blog posts of mine, you’ll know I’m obsessed with all things Lush! From their bath bombs to bubble bars, lip scrubs to face masks; I love it all! Since Christmas also just so happens to be my favourite time of year, there’s no doubt about it that I was super excited for the release of this years Christmas collection of Lush goodies.

 I recently popped into my local Lush and picked up a small selection of the collection, sticking right to my budget (surprisingly) and not going completely overboard; although I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m back in a store, picking up more products.
One thing I was 100% definite about buying was the “Snow Fairy” shower gel. Last year I only managed to pick up one of the tiny 100ml bottles because I bought it after Christmas and everywhere seemed to be sold out of the bigger ones. I adored the super sweet scent and could wait to get it again.
snow fairy
This beautiful bright pink bottle of fun is perfect if you love all things sweet, as you can’t get much sweeter than this. Smelling of candy floss, “Snow Fairy” is brilliant for a ‘wake me up’ in the shower or even an evening pamper sesh.
Personally “Snow Fairy” is my favourite ever Lush scent, followed closely by the beloved Comforter. If you’re not a fan of sweet scents this obviously isn’t one for you, but I can definitely see why it is so popular!
When selling collections such as the Christmas one, lush usually have several products with similar or the same scents. One that I picked up was “Magic Wand” which has the “Snow Fairy” scent.
magic wand
Magic Wand is a reusable bubble bar, in which you can swish around in your bath with the water running and then use again on a later date. I’m a massive fan of Lush bubble bars and even more so if I get a lot of uses out of them. Magic Wand is an all round stubbing product which I completely recommend if you love the Snow Fairy scent.
A new addition to this years Christmas range is the “Five Gold Rings” reusable bubble bar. Five little sparkly rings come attached to string, using one at a time you run it under water to create mountains of bubbles.
five gold rings
This bubble bar makes the water feel super soft and moisturising, as well as a beautiful, warm scent which instantly relaxes you and helps you unwind.
Another bubble bar that I picked up was the “Peeping Santa” bubble bar which is probably the most adorable bath product you will ever lay eyes on.
Similar to the bubbleroon type bubble bars from the Lush permanent range, the buttery goodness sandwiched between the two later moisturised my skin completely, leaving me so soft.
Nothing made me happier than finding out Lush were bringing back the “Golden Wonder” bath bomb which I absolutely adored last year! This is by far one of my favourite EVER lush products.
golden wonder
Golden Wonder is possibly one of the most stunning looking, as well as smelling, Lush products out there. This little present shaped bomb turn your bath water an incredible blue shade and bursts with tiny stars.
I’m sure this won’t be the only “Golden Wonder” I purchase this year as I don’t think I can possibly wait for Christmas 2016 to come around before I can use one again!
The last product I bought was a bath bomb I didn’t manage to pick up last year (which I completely regretted as soon as I saw all of the Instagram pictures and YouTube demos of it), Shoot For The Stars.
shoot for the stars
Think of the prettiest bath water you can possibly imagine and then think of this. Similar to the “intergalactic” bath bomb from the permanent range, it completely exceeded my expectations to how sparkly it would actually make the water.
It’s smell is so comforting and almost warming, similar to the “Five Gold Rings” bubble bars.
The Lush Christmas range is available in all stores now. This blog post was not sponsored by Lush in anyway and is my own opinions only.
Emily X

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