An Audience With Union J

On October 27th, I was lucky enough to attend Union J’s “An Audience with Union J” tour, at ‘Riverside’ in Newcastle. It’s safe to say that this was probably my favourite gig/concert I’ve ever attended.

After queuing outside of the venue for around an hour, listening to the boys do their sound check, we were eventually let inside and waited around the stage while the rest of the audience made their way inside. When the boys were ready, the meet and greet began, in which everyone attending the event had the chance to get their photos taken with the band and collect their exclusive merchandise.


Whenever I’ve previously met the boys, they have always been the loveliest and most kind-hearted boys and this time was no exception. Their warm hugs were well needed after waiting in the cold for so long. Seeing the boys again also gave me the opportunity to catch up with some of my friends, who I have met through the band but don’t get to see very often. After we all had our individual pictures taken, we decided to get one big group picture with the boys.



Starting with one of their recent hit singles, ‘Tonight (We Live Forever)’, the boys burst out on stage shortly after their meet and greet finished. Although the audience was small (because the tour focussed on intimate gigs rather than big, flashy concerts) they certainly weren’t quiet.


Throughout the night, Union J sang a handful of their best loved singles, as well as songs from their newest album, ‘You Got It All’. The audience had the opportunity to ask the boyband, who made their fame on the UK X Factor in 2012, any questions they wanted during Q&A slots between songs. This gave the fans the chance to get to know the boys better.



The band treated the audience to an exclusive performance of ‘Follow You’, a song written for their third album. All I can say is what an amazing song it is! It’s safe to say it went down a treat with the crowd ; it has been stuck in my head ever since and I just know everyone else will love it too!

Ending the night on a high with their latest single ‘You Got It All’, Union J said goodbye to the audience and left the stage. I always love it when they perform this song because it shows off their incredible voices and what truly amazing singers they are. The whole audience enjoyed the night and it was certainly an unforgettable experience for us all.

Because the gig was so intimate, with there being only around one hundred and fifty in the audience, it was so much better than a normal concert in a bigger venue or arena as it felt so exclusive and special. We had opportunities to get to speak to the boys whereas it would be impossible to in an arena.


Thanks so much to Union J and their team for the best night I’ve had in a long time, if not ever! Tickets for some of their future tour dates are still available here. This blog post is my own opinions and experience only and wasn’t sponsored in any way.

Emily X

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