We met Joe Sugg!

On Sunday, my best friend and I were lucky enough to meet YouTube sensation Joe Sugg, also known by his five million subscribers as ‘ThatcherJoe’, in Gateshead as part of his “Username: Evie” book tour.


After the stress of buying tickets and anticipation of waiting for the day to come, the excitement was through the roof by the time 25th October actually did arrive. We were relieved to get on the train since the event was taking place the same day as the Tyne and Wear derby football match between Sunderland and Newcastle. The train was absolutely manic at first, however after the train made its first stop at Sunderland, our carriage was pretty much empty.

Surprisingly, we found our way down to the Quayside at Newcastle in no time, without getting lost or taking a wrong turn at all (which I was not expecting since neither of us really knew where we were going).

When we reached The Sage, where the event was taking place, the queue was a lot bigger than we expected. We waited outside of the building for around an hour, before the queue slowly started to ease forward and more inside of the building. Eventually we were given our wristbands and pre signed books. However just as we thought we were getting closer to the front of the queue we realised the line of waiting fans only got way bigger from this point on. The event staff let us go upstairs in groups into the room where Joe was, where the excitement levels were once again high. Every time the collection of fans caught a glimpse of Joe the room roared with screams.


After waiting a total of six hours, we eventually reached the front of the queue. Joe greeted me with a big smile and a massive hug, which was well needed after the long wait in not-the-most-comfortable boots. He was just as lovely and genuine as you see in his videos/vlogs, only maybe a little bit smaller than I expected (sorry Joe).He took several selfies on our phones and then we collected our bags and were hurried along.


The line of fans waiting was still unbelievabley long when we left. Around one thousand two hundred people attended the event which lasted over seven hours, not finishing until after 7pm. We crossed the glowing Millennium Bridge and made a painful journey back up to the train station to go home. It’s safe to say it had been a VERY long day!


As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, “Team Internet” are absolutely killing it at the moment and Joe is no exception. It was an honour to meet someone so famous and influential, yet “normal” and humble, like Joe is.

Joe Sugg’s graphic novel, “Username: Evie” is available in all major book stores and online now. It has already become a number one best seller, selling almost 14,000 copies in it’s debut week, making it the fastest selling graphic novel of all time. This blog post is my own opinions and experience only and wasn’t sponsored in any way.


Thank you so much to Joe and all of the event staff for an amazing day, hopefully this won’t be the last we see of Joe in Gateshead.

Emily X

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