Liebster Award

As much of a cliché as it is, when I first started my blog, back in February, I honestly never thought anyone would read it. Even when I got my first few views on my first few blog posts, I was amazed because why would anyone want to know what I think about certain beauty products, or what I’ve been up to recently. But it turns out some people do and this literally blows my mind every day, when I reach a new record of number of views in a day or absolutely smash a personal target of views. So even something as little as this is crazy for me (I’m turning this into a legit award ceremony speech so I shall move on now)…

Thank you so much to Aisling, from visionofbeauty14, for nominating me! I love her posts so much and sorry it’s took me so long to get this one up!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. List the rules
  3.  Answer the questions provided in the post you were tagged in
  4.  Nominate bloggers for the award, providing questions for them to answer and comment on one of their posts to let them know

The questions I was asked were…

Who is your style inspiration?

At the moment, I don’t really have one (sorry). I just tend to buy and to wear what I like and what I think suits me best.

What is your all-time favourite makeup product?

This is beyond difficult for me to choose because I completely adore so many different makeup products. I’m going to go with the one I tend to reach for the most out of my whole makeup collection and that has to be my Maybelline ‘The Nudes’ palette. I think it’s such a versatile palette because you can create so many different looks with it and it has the quality of a high end eyeshadow palette. Previously, I’ve done a full review of this on my blog so you can check it out here.

maybelline the nudes

Favourite song at the minute?

This one isn’t at all difficult for me to choose! For the past few months I’ve been completely obsessed with ‘til the morning’ by Bahamas. It’s such a beautiful song and always manages to keep me calm when I need to. It’s my ‘go to’ song for pretty much any occasion and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it! I definitely recommend you check it out.

What is a great memory from your childhood?

This isn’t exactly from that long ago because it only happened in 2012 but I was still classed as a child then so I suppose it still counts. I visited Disney Land Paris with my school during our trip to Paris and it was honestly one of the best days of my childhood, although I was terrified of rollercoasters back then so I only went on a few of them. I’m absolutely desperate to go back and hopefully I will do in the near future.

What is your favourite place to shop?

My all-time favourite shop has to be Lush (what a shock). The staff there are always so friendly and helpful. As you will already know from previous posts, I adore pretty much everything Lush have to offer and I’m always willing to try their new products. I know some people can’t handle the smell of a Lush store because it is extremely over powering but I personally adore the smell!


Do you have a celebrity crush at the moment?

When do I not have a celebrity crush is the real question here! The list of my celebrity crushes is honestly never ending but I think my main one is and always will be Mr George Shelley of boyband Union J. I just adore everything about him and I am so beyond excited to see him again at the end of this month.


What is one of your talents?

I know this is something that everyone says but I honestly do not have a talent at all, I am the least talented person on this planet. The only things I am good at are procrastinating and writing review (I’m not even completely sure if I’m that great at that to be honest).

Who is your hero/idol/role model and why?

I hate using the word ‘hero’ and ‘idol’ because I think they tend to be over used and the words have kind of lost their true meaning due to people using them so much. I would say that my role model is Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella (I bet you’ve heard this so many times before but it is true) because she has just been completely slaying recently when it comes to achievements. She’s gone from writing little reviews on her blog to having over nine million subscribers which is so crazy to think about, if I could ever achieve even a tenth of what she has in my life time I would be amazed. Zoe has achieved so much yet is still so down to earth and all of these reasons are why I’m proud to call her my role model and someone that I do look up to.


What would you do today if you knew you could not fail?

Probably something like my A Levels or Driving test (boring I know) because I am absolutely terrified for both of those things to come around, knowing I could sit them and not fail would definitely take a lot of pressure away!

Why did you decide to start a blog?

This a little bit similar to what I previously mentioned about Zoe. I suppose blogging is always something I’ve toyed with the idea of for a few years now. English has always been my favourite subject at school and I’ve always loved writing for as long as I can remember. It’s fair to say Team Internet have been absolutely killing it this year when it comes to achievements and when I started to seriously think about the idea of starting a real blog, it was crazy to think that they all were in my position to yet they’ve managed to achieve so much so there’s no reason why I couldn’t do the same. If I can achieve even the tiniest proportion of what anyone from Team Internet has done I will be so incredibly proud of myself, but this is just something I love doing as a hobby at the minute.

So those are my answers for the questions that Aisling left for me to answer, I hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit more about me than you probably did already. Thanks again to Aisling for the nomination; I really enjoyed writing this post.

I tag: poshandspicy , victoriasbeautycloset , beautifullyblushed24  and withallmyaffection

And the questions I’m asking you guys are:

  1.  Which place is top of your bucket list to visit
  2. What is your favourite memory of 2015 so far
  3. If you could only use one makeup item for the rest of your life, what would it be
  4. What type of posts are your favourites to write
  5. What was the last film you saw and what did you think of it
  6. What are you most looking forward to in 2016
  7. What is the beauty product do you recommend the most
  8. What is your all time favourite song
  9. Which Disney movie is your favourite
  10. What is the inspiration behind your blog

Can’t wait to see your answers!

As always, thanks so much for reading this blog post, it was something a little bit different to what I usually do but I hope you still enjoyed it.

Emily X

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