New Lush products

Way back in April, Lush opened a new store in Oxford Street, London, and came out with around 200 new products, exclusive to the store. Selections of these exclusive products are now available in regular Lush stores around the UK and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

The product I was most excited about was the ‘intergalactic’ bath bomb, as I’d seen so many pictures and videos of it in action and it looked so incredible. It was definitely the product I was most hoping would be introduced to all stores, the most. I think it appealed to me more than other products because of its bright colours and it’s fresh, minty scent. I store all of my Lush products in a basket in my wardrobe and every time I opened it to pick out some clothes; this bath bomb was the first thing I could smell.



Call me crazy if you wish but I have never seen the film ‘Frozen’ and I find ‘Let It Go’ the most overrated and irritating song EVER. However, I can’t pass the opportunity to try out a new bath bomb, even if it was inspired by the film. From its bright colours, the ridiculous amount of glitter that was released from within it and its beautiful fresh scent; I loved everything about this bath bomb. It would make such a great gift for a fan of the film.



I’ve always adored the bubble bars from Lush and would probably choose one over a bath bomb nine times out of ten. Although I had picked them up many times in store, I’d never actually purchased a ‘bubbleroon’ other than the limited addition one from the Valentine’s Day collection. They seemed a bit plain to me and weren’t eye-catching like some of the other bubble bars. After seeing they had revamped their bubbleroons from the permanent range, I decided to give one a go and absolutely loved it! I chose the pretty pink bubbleroon in the scent ‘rose jam’. I believe its scent and colour has been enhanced slightly, reshaped into an actual rose and covered in glitter; if all of this appeals to you it’s definitely one you’ll love!


Another of the Oxford Street exclusives that I was literally praying would be introduced into all stores was the ‘Pink Flamingo’ re-usable bubblebar (yes you guessed, it’s one of those really cool ones that come on a stick). Since I love bubble bars so much, I tend to go through them sooo quickly and I love how this one is reusable, so you get more uses out of it than a regular bubblebar. It is the CUTEST design, I almost didn’t want to use it. It is a fresh scent which I wasn’t expecting as it is pretty much the same colour as all of the ‘snow fairy’ scented products.


These are just a selection of the products that Lush have added to their permanent range, there are many more that I didn’t manage to pick up because I’d rather buy lots of their Christmas range (which I cannot wait for!) and purchase more of the new products when I have used them all up. This blog post is my own opinions only and wasn’t sponsored in any way. If it helped you out in any way, either leave me a comment or tweet me (@emilyrobxrts)  

Emily X

8 thoughts on “New Lush products

  1. Loved this post. I have tried quite a few of the new LUSH products and I’ve been super impressed! Intergalactic has definitely been one of my favourites. I also really loved Frozen as I think the colours and the scent are so beautiful. xx

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