LALALAB updated review

One of my first ever blog posts was a review of the photograph printing app ‘Polagram’, who recently changed their name to ‘Lalalab’ and have completely redesigned their app, adding a few new products along the way. I thought I’d do an updated review of the app, since it has changed so much since my original post.

I have always been majorly impressed with the quality of the products this company produce; I have a massive collection of Polaroid pictures printed via them, which I display in various ways all over my bedroom. I also have two postcards lalalab have recently started making and they too continue this high quality. They are amazing to send to friends and family if you have been away on holiday, this way you can use your own photographs and send them directly to them rather than using a shop bought postcard and having to send it through the post.


As well as the postcards, Lalalab have also started producing different sized gift boxes (rather than a set amount of pictures in each), mosaic canvases and magnets. I think these would make great gifts, especially the gift boxes, or are even a fantastic way to show memories of your favourite photographs in your home.

I am completely in love with the new layout and design of Lalalab, everything is so easy to find. It is simple yet beautifully presented.


When I first started using Polagram, they gave you a code on the section of the app called ‘get free prints’. If you gave this code to someone else to use, they got £2/€2 to off their purchase price and you also got £2/€2 worth of credits that went into you ‘bank’ on the app. Lalalab have now increased this to £5/€5 which I think everyone is going to enjoy a lot more. You can use the codes PGAUEDTA or PGO7PM42. I think using a code is a brilliant way to try out this app and experience the quality for yourself before actually purchasing something; this way you’re getting a ‘taste test’ of the app to see how much you like the products without having to spend any money.

This blog post is my own opinions only and wasn’t sponsored by Lalalab in any way. If this post helped you out at all please let me know by leaving a comment or tweeting me (@emilyrobxrts). 

Emily X

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