‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ review

If you love action, ‘jumpy’ scenes or Dylan O’Brien (or even better… all of the above), this is definitely a film you’re going to want to see! The Scorch Trials, the second film in ‘The Maze Runner’ saga, was recently launched in UK cinemas and I was lucky enough to see it the night of its release (after what felt like years of waiting).


If you’re a big fan of the books that this film series is based on like I am, it’s probably best if you forget you even read the book before the film starts ; this definitely isn’t a film version of the book but is more a film based on the book. All the way through the film I couldn’t help but notice parts from the book that changed or completely left out of the film and I think that ruined it for me… but only slightly.


Beginning almost exactly where the previous film left off, the film starts showing the gladers being ushered into “safety” by their rescuers. But just when they think their lives may become normal again, Thomas discovers they’d never really escaped from WICKED after all and finds a secret they had been keeping behind closed doors (literally). The gladers yet again fight to escape from under WICKED’s watchful eyes but the conditions in the scorch are a lot different to what they were used to in the glade. How will they cope out in the scorch alone and will they manage to escape from WICKED once again? You’ll have to buy tickets to find out!


This action packed film is certainly one that will keep you on the edge of your seat ; that’s if you’re not hiding behind your popcorn buckets, what with all of the cranks jumping onto the scene left right and centre. These zombie like creatures are ten million times more terrifying than I ever imagined they’d be, which was made clear to the rest of the cinema when I screamed as one thrusted itself onto the screen. Aside from all of the screaming and covering my eyes I did, there were also some borderline hilarious moments in the movie ; they made me along with the rest of the cinema actually laugh out loud, which is something difficult to do in these types of movies without them being cringey.


I’m sure anyone who is a big fan of ‘The Maze Runner’ book series or anyone who enjoyed the first movie will end up getting emotional when the main characters speak about how they wish their fellow glader friends, who had passed away in the previous film, could’ve been there to see how far they’d gotten. I definitely shed a tear or two during this scene.

The end of the film wasn’t quite what I had imagined, however it is making the anticipation for ‘The Death Cure’ grow even stronger.

Intense is the only word I believe sums up ‘The Scorch Trials’. Aside from all of the changes made, you can’t deny that this is an incredible film. It was no surprise to me that the actors/actresses did an incredible job once again. I also thought the new additions to the cast fit their characters perfectly, they did their roles justice and I couldn’t imagine anyone else in their place.


‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ is out in UK cinemas now, its release date elsewhere is September 18th and tickets are available to preorder now. I 100% recommend you check out this film because I think everyone will love it just as much as I did. This blog post is my own opinions only and wasn’t sponsored in anyway.

Emily X

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