Ella Eyre ‘Feline’ review

Fierce, fabulous, FELINE. Ella Eyre’s debut album has finally arrived and it’s ten million times better than we all expected (that’s if that is actually possible).


If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll know I adore this girl and her music, so when she announced she would be releasing her own album this year, you can only imagine how excited I was for it to launch. Ever since then I’ve had high expectations for the album and it certainly reached them.

Featuring Ella’s previous singles, some collaborations such as “Gravity” and “Waiting All Night” and some of her unheard music, all of the songs on ‘Feline’ are massively relatable in one way or another. I feel like there’s a song on the album you will be able to relate to no matter who you are. The songs are all also super catchy. I’ve had so many of the songs stuck in my head since I managed to get my hands on the album.


My personal favourites, aside from her previous singles, have to be Typical Me and All About You because I absolutely love their lyrics and Ella’s voice sound incredible in both of them (however it does on every song on the album). I also really love Even If because it’s a lot different to any of Ella’s singles, or anything else on the album and the lyrics are so beautiful. She wrote the song about ‘appreciating something that didn’t work out’, a lot of people would relate to the lyrics and the message behind it.

‘FELINE’ is out now in all major music stores. You can also purchase the Feline and the Feline (deluxe) on iTunes. This blog post is my own opinions only and wasn’t sponsored in anyway. If this post helped you out at all either leave me a comment or tweet me (@emilyrobxrts).

Emily X

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