Maybelline Master Sculpt review

Not too long ago, Maybelline came out with their own take on a contour kit, similarly to many other drugstore brands. If you follow many beauty bloggers or YouTubers you’ll have probably already heard many different reviews on this already but I recently picked one up to see what the hype was about so I thought I’d share my opinions of it.

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I believe Maybelline have released this contour kit in two shades (01 and 02), either that or my local Boots only stock two shades. I picked up 01 which is aimed at light to medium skin tones. At first I thought it was way too light but 02 would have been 100% too dark for my skin. When I tried it for the first time, I discovered 01 is just about right for my skin tone, it isn’t absolutely perfect but I think it’s as close to perfect as I’ll get and with a little bit of a bronzer over the top it looks pretty good.

The contour kit comes with two sections, the contour part and a smaller highlight section. The highlight is such a pretty, subtle shimmer and isn’t too in your face which is what I like as I have naturally oily skin so some highlighters just look ridiculous on me.


The contour kit also comes with a small thin brush which is the perfect size for applying the contour; this is only an added bonus. It also comes with a mirror which means it’s great for travelling with; I know this is definitely something I’ll be taking on holiday with me. The packaging is also pretty small and sleek compared to some other contouring kits which is a travel bonus.

If you’re on a budget and want to start using contour kits or you want to try out some higher end contour kits but need to figure out how to use them properly before you actually buy them, I’d definitely recommend picking up one of these. This is my first ever contour kit and I love everything about it.

The Maybelline Master Sculpt retails at £6.99 from Boots. This review is my nothing but my own opinions and isn’t sponsored in any way. If this helped you in any way let me know by either commenting or tweeting me @emilyrobxrts

Emily X

2 thoughts on “Maybelline Master Sculpt review

  1. A swatch would have been nice but great review. 🙂 I didn’t know it came with a brush!


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