Drugstore beauty haul

So recently I have been loving so many drugstore brands and becoming more and more interested in trying out more drugstore items. I decided I’d write a blog post on the items that I’ve recently picked up. Before you continue reading, don’t worry, I didn’t buy all at this at once. I had several trips to Boots and Superdrug and collected these products on separate occasions.

After constantly hearing YouTubers and beauty bloggers talking about Bourjois’ ‘chocolate bronzer’, I caved and was desperate to get my hands on it. Instead of picking up the version everyone seems to talk about, I bought the one with a highlighter included as I want to start using more highlights. I adore the bronzer however the highlight isn’t as great as I was hoping. When I completely use up this product I will probably repurchase the one with just bronzer.


One of my favourite of all of the things I picked up is the Maybelline ‘24 hour color tattoo’ eyeshadows. I’ve heard so much about these in the past from other bloggers and youtubers and I’ve never really payed attention to them until now. For some reason my local Boots store only sells two shades of the product but luckily the two were the ones I’d had my eye on. I picked up the colours ‘on and on bronze’ and ‘pink gold’ and I will definitely be picking up more shades in the future. The formula is amazing and they work amazing as a base eyeshadow as well as on their own. (£4.99 from Boots)


If you saw my 2015 favourites so far (link in name) blog post, you’ll already know I absolutely adore the Soap and Glory ‘thick and fast’ mascara and when it ran out I couldn’t wait to repurchase it, however I also thought it would be a good idea to try out something different in case I found something I loved just as much and I just so happened to do exactly that! I randomly picked up the Maybelline ‘rocket volum’ express’ mascara while in a hurry and I am now obsessed. It only takes one coat to get super volumised lashes. I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future and it may even be my new favourite mascara. (£7.99 from Boots)


Another product from Maybelline I bought was the ‘brow drama’, which is basically just mascara for eyebrows that makes them look more defined. You can get this in several different shades to match the natural colour of your eyebrows but I bought it in transparent to test it out. After using it for several consecutive days I became absolutely obsessed. I always seem to go into work with my eyebrows looking exactly how I want them to but always seem to come out with them in completely different positions and messed up but this seemed to make them stick in the exact position and I love that! I’m 100% going to buy this in a light brown shade too. (£4.99 from Boots)


One of the brands in Boots that I feel doesn’t get enough appreciation is No7, it was one of the first beauty brands I ever bought from and I have loved it ever since. Boots are always giving out No7 vouchers out when you make a purchase so I used one of mine to go towards some new makeup. Up until this point, I had only ever owned one lip liner, yes only ONE.  I thought it would be a pretty good idea to purchase more so I bought the No7 ‘precision lip pencil’ in the colour red. Since then I have worn this several times and it definitely helps to keep my lipstick on longer, as well as making it easier to apply such a bright coloured lipstick, without it going over my natural lip line. (£6.75 from Boots)


I also picked up the No7 ‘stay precise’ liquid eyeliner in black because I had ran out of the black liquid liner that I had been using and figured it would be a good idea to put my other No7 makeup voucher to good use by purchasing a new one. I’m used to applying liquid eyeliners with a brush now so this one was a good choice; however I still really want to try the Soap and Glory one too. (£7.50 from Boots)


Despite having never used false eyelashes ever before I thought it would be a good idea to buy some for prom to make my eyes stand out a little more. To me, all of the eyelashes in Superdrug looked pretty much the same to me and I couldn’t believe how many there was to choose from. I picked up the lashes in the number 100 from Eylure because they looked the most natural. The only thing I dislike about these is the glue, it smells HORRIBLE and I would prefer it so much more if it was in a squeezy bottle rather than the kind of applicator it has now. (£5.35 from Superdrug)


One thing I hate about my skin is how oily it is and to be completely honest, if a product claims to reduce oiliness, I’m willing to try it out because I will literally try anything to get rid of it. With yet another No7 voucher, this time for skincare, I picked up the ‘Beautiful Skin purifying exfoliator’ for normal/oily skin. This claims to cleanse, purify and unblock pores and therefore reduce oiliness. The exfoliator isn’t too harsh on the skin but removes any dead skin and leaves it feeling so soft and smooth. (£8.50 from Boots)

face scrub

After hearing so many Youtubers talking about the Biore pore strips, I thought it was about time I gave them a go too. When I discovered they sold a charcoal version designed for oily skin I couldn’t have been any happier. The charcoal strip claim to reduce oiliness three times as much and unclog pores, I found this was 100% true when I used my first one. The amount of gunk that the strip pulled out of my pores was unreal and I will definitely be repurchasing these again! (£4.49 from Boots)


Since it’s coming up to summer, I want my skin to be as smooth as possible so I have been using a lot of body scrubs recently. If you have read some of my other blog posts, you’ll know I am completely in love with the ‘Sugar Crush’ body scrub by Soap and Glory so when that ran out I had to repurchase it again! There’s no doubt about it that this is my favourite body scrub, mainly because of the sweet scent. (£8.00 from Boots)

body scrub

Although I wouldn’t completely class The Body Shop as a drugstore since it is more expensive than places like Boots and Superdrug, I decided I’d add what I bought in there to the end of this post instead of doing a completely different one for it.

Something that I have wanted to buy for so long now is the instablur, Gabby (@velvetgh0st) is always talking about it and every time she mentions it I want it that little bit more, but I always forget to get it as The Body Shop isn’t somewhere I regularly shop. BUT I FINALLY GOT IT! I’m not going into much detail about this as I’m planning on doing a separate blog post about it, where I’ll review it properly.


I fell in love with the Honey Bronze bronzing powder in the shade deep matte. I’m so into bronzers at the minute, with summer coming up, so I couldn’t wait to try this one out. I also love the packaging, especially the fact that it has a super big mirror, and the cute lil pattern on the bronzer itself. It is so a beautiful colour. I would definitely recommend checking these out. (£13.00 from The Body Shop)


As The Body Shop had a 3 for 2 offer on their makeup, I decided I’d also pick up a blush as I don’t often wear them but want to more often this summer. I picked up the all in one check colour in the shade ‘flushed’, which is a very pretty, Barbie pink colour. It has a tiny bit of shimmer in it but looks so pretty on the skin. It isn’t too pigmented to the point that it looks ridiculous as it is such a bright colour but still looks great. (£8.00 from The Body Shop)


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