My Month: June

On the 5th of June it was my sixteenth birthday and I was soooo excited for the day to come. I think as I grow older I get more and more excited for the day to come. After being at school for two hours I came home and relaxed for the day, or at least tried my best to while recovering from a fly flying into my eye on the way home. My eye didn’t stop watering and hurting all day which sorta ruined the day a little bit but I just look back and laugh about it now.


After getting dressed (and managing to rip a hole in my favourite dress) I went out for a meal with my family to celebrate. Upon our arrival there was a ‘happy 16th birthday’ balloon waiting on our table and after our meal the staff brought out my birthday cake, alongside a tambourine and a massive sombrero and began singing happy birthday to me, which felt weird since I hear the song several times every weekend where I work.


The month of June also saw my GCSE’s come to an end, which I was completely relieved about as the amount of stress and pressure we were all under for those few weeks was ridiculous, however it also meant I finished school which I was dreading so much. Over the past five years I have met so many lovely people who I’d class as friends for the rest of my life and have had the opportunity to visit places that I probably wouldn’t have ever thought about going to otherwise. I got very emotional saying goodbye to some of the teachers too.

To celebrate the end of our exams and the start of summer, my best friends and I went bowling for the night. Despite my extremely violent and aggressive methods of chucking the bowling ball down the alley, I managed to win one of the two games we played which I was pretty shocked at. We then went on to play some arcade games and I managed to win a hell of a lot of tickets.


Finishing exams also meant I no longer had to go to school so I started my summer holidays early, however the weather here in the North East of England has been pretty crap and not at all summery so I haven’t been up to much so far. Hopefully July will bring better weather so I will be able to do more exciting things and actually leave the house without being drenched by rain.

Despite how happy I usually sound in my blog posts and how much I love writing them, I’m not always 100% happy with my blog and I do sometimes get myself really down about it, thinking no one is really interested in it and I’m writing it for nothing. Because of this, I set myself an aim of how many views I want my blog to have by the end of the year and if I exceed that aim, I’ll carry on blogging. This month I reached 700 views on my blog which I am so so happy about because it means I have reached over 250 views in a month. This probably doesn’t seem like a massive number, however for someone who has no experience whatsoever in blogging and since I’m pretty new to the blogging scene, I’m proud of that.

If you’ve read my 20 facts about me blog post, you’ll know that since a young age I have been completely and utterly obsessed with Aston Merrygold, former JLS star, so when I wrote a blog post, reviewing his debut single and HE FAVOURITED MY TWEET ABOUT IT AND READ THE BLOG POST, you can’t even imagine how excited and happy I was. It also meant that my blog gained a hell of a lot of views that day so thank you very much for that Aston, *insert cheeky grin*.

ast gs

One of the best things that happened this month has to be my prom. I wasn’t looking forward to it as much as I think I should’ve been and it was probably one of the best nights of my life. I quite literally felt like a princess while wearing my beautiful dress and shoes and had so much fun with everyone there. There was even a photo booth and we were allowed to go in as many times as we wanted so you could definitely say I made the most of it. I must have gone in at least ten times within the four hours we were there. I honestly wish I could do the whole night all over again because it was amazing, everyone seemed to have so much fun and looked amazing too. (and now I apologise for the amount of photos I post in this post, on twitter and on instagram).





As always, thank you do much for reading. Since it’s summer now I’ll have a lot more time to write and upload posts so hopefully the next one won’t be too long away.

Emily X

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