2015 favourites so far

Over the past six months I have discovered some amazing products. Whether make up, skin care or music, I thought I’d share with you guys what I have been loving so far in 2015.


Within the past six months I had discovered and rekindled my love for many new and old makeup products but my most favourite that is new to me has got to be the ‘Thick and Fast’ mascara by Soap and Glory. I got this product as part of a Soap and Glory gift set for Christmas last year and I wouldn’t have imagined me buying it otherwise. This amazing product quite literally does make your eyelashes look super thick, super fast, as well as making them look extremely volumised and full. I will definitely be repurchasing this item in the near future!


Another of my favourites from 2015 so far has got to be one of my newest additions to my makeup collection, select cover up concealer by MAC. I had planned to buy this for so long, after seeing it in so many makeup routines and collections on YouTube, and I’m so glad that I finally got the chance to. I bought the concealer in the shade NW15, which is waaay too light for my skin colour, but I like to wear it under my eyes to block out any dark circles I have and to brighten up my face. It has great coverage and I’m even considering buying it in my actual skin colour so I can use it to cover blemishes too.


Another product that I have absolutely loved over the past few months has been a blush by MAC in the colour harmony. I bought this when I was in New York towards the end of last year and I have used it almost every day, if not every other day, since then. I have used it more as bronzer than a blush but it is quite a subtle brownish colour so it is still wearable as a blush. I’m so surprised I haven’t hit pan on this product yet as I absolutely adore it and have used it so so much. I definitely recommend this product and will definitely be repurchasing this again.


Before I put on any lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm, using a lip scrub has become a must for me and the Bubblegum Lip Scrub by LUSH does the job perfectly. I purchased the sugary scrub at the beginning of the year and it has become a makeup essential. It manages to keep lips smooth and removes any dry or dead skin without being too harsh, and the best thing is you can lick it off and eat it afterwards since it is made purely of sugar. The little tub has lasted me months. This is something I will definitely be repurchasing as a massive fan of LUSH and I might even invest in the different flavours they have.


Skin care

My favourite body moisturiser to use has most definitely been the ‘Butter Yourself’ moisture lotion by Soap and Glory. As well as the Thick and Fast mascara, I also received this as part of the gift set I got for Christmas and instantly fell in love with it. It has a sweet/fruity scent that stays with you all day and keeps your skin lovely and soft. The massive bottle has lasted me six months so far, even with regular use. The price is affordable and well worth trying out.


If you follow one of my twitter accounts you’ll know that in May I had an allergic reaction to the Clinique Three Step Solution and to be completely honest I would have tried anything to get the massive spots and redness on my face away. Someone recommended the Neutrogena ‘rapid clear treatment’. It was pretty cheap and claimed to reduce acne within four hours which seemed incredible so I definitely wanted to try it out. I didn’t really believe it would reduce the spots so quickly because of the size of them. Despite my initial though, they treatment did manage to reduce them and after  used it several times for a few days in a row they spots were almost completely gone. I 100% recommend trying this if you’re on a budget but want a product that will work.


One of my most recent favourites is the sweetie pie shower jelly by LUSH. I’ve wanted to try one of these for so long but I always get distracted by the bubble bars and bath bombs when I go in a store so I forget to look at anything else, so it only made sense to add one to my birthday list. My most favourite ever scent from LUSH is the comforter bubble bar and this smells exactly like it. They are so lovely to use and I’ll definitely be buying more.



My film favourite for the past six months has got to be The Maze Runner. I’m sure you all know by now that I absolutely adore this film and the characters, as well as the actors who play them. I have been completely obsessed with this film since it was released in cinemas late last year and I am so excited for the sequel towards the end of this year, which I will be writing a review on too.



My random favourite of the past six months has been photo booth strips. I suppose my love for these started in October last year when I got my first ones (believe it or not) in New York and since them I have been obsessed with them. At the minute my collection is pretty small but I can’t wait to build it further because I think they look so pretty displayed in my room.


So these are just a few of some of the makeup, skincare and random things I have been loving in the first half of 2015. If this blog post was helpful in anyway let me know in the comments or via twitter (@emilyrobxrts). I will definitely be doing more posts like this as I really enjoyed writing this one.

Emily X

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