Pitch Perfect 2 movie review

Recently, I finally had the opportunity to see Pitch Perfect 2 after waiting so long upon its release. To be completely honest, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the second movie since I loved the first one and I didn’t think the sequel would be as good, however I definitely wasn’t let down at all!


For those of you who haven’t seen the first movie (seriously though why not?!) here’s a little bit of a background story. The first film revolves around a girls a capella group, The Barden Bellas and their rival a capella group, the Trebelmakers. It is set at Barden University and follows the girls to the national a capella championships where they compete against their rivals. With comedy and romance slotted in along the way, I adored the first movie and couldn’t wait for the sequel.

The sequel follows up from the original movie, kick starting the film with the girls performing in front of the President of the United States on his birthday, which then only goes downhill with a ‘slight’ wardrobe malfunction. The Bellas are then banned from competing, apart from at the World Championships. The girls lead, Beca (Anna Kendrick), makes a deal that if they win the World Championships they have to be reinstated and able to compete at other a capella competitions again. The film follows them on their journey there, as well as showing Beca’s secret internship, at a famous record label, that only her boyfriend Jesse (Skylar Astin) knows about, and introducing us to a new member of the Bellas, Emily Junk (Hailee Steinfeld) whos mother was a former member of the Barden Bellas when she attended the University.


Ok, I won’t give away any more about the movie. This movie honestly made me laugh, like actually laugh (not just a little silent chuckle), and I’m sure it’ll do the same to you too. It doesn’t try to be overly funny to the point where it gets annoying, unlike some films these days.

My most favourite part of the whole movie is that the songs are sooo catchy, I literally couldn’t get some of them out of my head for days, the main one being ‘Flashlight’ which is one of Emily’s original songs and she is desperate to get it heard, but in real life is actually written by Jessie J (which I had no idea about). The film features some big hits from recent years which had everyone smiling and silently singing along, I’m positive it will do the same for you, no matter how hard you try to resist it.


Pitch Perfect 2 is in cinemas in 46 countries across the world NOW, it’s final world wide release date is in Denmark on August 6th. You have no excuse not to check it out and if you’re anything like me you’ll love it! You can check out the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 here

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