The Vamps UK Arena tour

Earlier in the week I was lucky enough to attend what was most likely one of the most popular events for teenage girls in the North East this year so far, The Vamps took to the stage at Newcastle Metro Radio Arena as part of their UK leg of their 2015 world tour. After waiting so long for this event to come around for so long but it was definitely worth the wait!


Support act Luke Friend took to the stage to kick the night off, warming up the crowd with his new single ‘hole in my heart’. I was pleasantly surprised by Luke as I didn’t think I would enjoy him that much but I definitely did and it seemed like the rest of the audience did to as they were all singing the lyrics back to Luke. Although he only sang one song everyone enjoyed it while it lasted and we were all ready for the rest of the night ahead.


What only seemed like seconds after Luke left the stage, The Tide arrived on stage, exciting the crowd even more as they performed some of their songs while jumping all over the stage. The whole arena seemed to love the four American boys, dancing and singing along with them as they performed.


Then came the moment I had anticipated the most, Union J’s set. I absolutely adore these four boys and have ever since they rose to fame on the UK X Factor in 2012. Every time I have seen them live they have never disappointed and that trend carried on when they entered the stage. They began singing one of my personal favourites, Tonight We Live Forever and carried on the night singing a few songs from their newest album as well as singing a slowed down, acoustic version of their first single, Carry You.

My favourite moment of Union J’s performance was when they sang my personal favourite song, from their new album (and maybe my favourite song of theirs altogether), Central Park. George had asked everyone to put on their phone light as the song has a lyric which says ‘standing in a sea of sparks’ so it created the perfect atmosphere.


By now the audience of over eleven thousand were fully hyped for the main event of the night. The band took to the stage, bursting out with their second single ‘Wildheart’. Dancing, jumping, singing and generally going wild, the crowd gave The Vamps a warm welcome. They continued the night singing a few of their well-known singles, some favourites from their album as well as a few covers such as Uptown Funk, Shake It Off and We Can’t Stop.


Throughout the concert, each member performed a solo, with Tris kicking it off by doing a drum solo, James followed with their very own song ‘Move My Way’, Connor covered ‘In Too Deep’ (sum41) and Brad performed their song ‘Another World’. All four of the performances were very impressive and kept the standard running high.


The boys sang a few more of their well-loved songs before ending the night on a high with their first single, ‘Can We Dance’. Everyone was out of their seats jumping and singing along as the confetti fell down and the chorus was sang for the last time of the night.


Overall I was very impressed by the night and enjoyed it a hell of a lot and I’m sure everyone else who attended did too. Thank you so much for The Vamps and their support acts Union J, Luke Friend and The Tide for putting on an amazing show and making a lot of people extremely happy that night.

Emily X

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