How to: Polaroid washing line

As you may have seen if you’ve read my Polagram app review (if you haven’t, you can check it out ) with some of my polaroid pictures I created a polaroid washing line. If you haven’t seen or heard of one of these before I probably sound like a crazy person to you but take a look at the picture below and you’ll soon (hopefully) understand what I mean.

I’d seen soooo many examples of these cute little ways to display your photos on Tumblr and on various ‘how to’ and ‘DIY’ twitter accounts and I just thought they looked adorable. Also, I really didn’t want my photos just to be sat in their box and forgotten about, I wanted them to be displayed and to decorate my room with them, without them being ruined.

Polaroid washing lines are so simple and easy to make and display photographs in such a cute and pretty way. Follow these few easy steps below to make your very own!

What you’ll need:


  • Polaroid pictures (you could probably do this with normal pictures too but I feel like Polaroid pictures look better in this style) you can easily get these printed from the app I used, Polagram, but there are also many other ways too.


  • Some string. The length of the string you use is really down to the size of the wall or space you will be hanging the washing line on, as well as the amount of photos you use.
  • Some ‘tiny baby pegs’, as I like to call them. You can most likely purchase these from any arts and crafts store as well as your local super market. I bought two packs of them from ASDA, there was something like 10/12 pegs in a packet for 80p (don’t take my word for the price because I’m probably wrong but I do know they weren’t very expensive).


  • Two thumb tacks. These are to hold the washing line up and keep it in place.


1. Measure your wall to see how much string you’ll need

The worst thing that could happen is having too much or too little string. I would recommend leaving about 20/30cm gap from each side of the wall. Once you have measured the length of where you want the washing line to be, mark a small cross on the wall where each side of the washing line will start so you remember where you will be pinning it. Also, to make your washing line look like it has a dip in it and to give it a small curve shape, add 20cm to your length.

2. Pick out your favourite polaroid pictures

This was the hardest part for me as I have so many amazing memories printed in polaroid form, I wanted around 90% of them to feature on my washing line however I didn’t have the room. I eventually narrowed it down to seventeen pictures. Now what you need to do is place them in whatever order you want.

3. Measure your string

Remember to add the 20cm to your length so it has a dipping effect, as well as room at the sides to hang it from the wall. You’ll need to leave about 5cm at each side, this may seem like too much but you can easily cut a little bit off when you’re finished if it is too much.

4. Hang up your string

I found it easy to wrap the string around the thumb tack once, as well as pushing the pin through the string before pushing it into the wall to ensure it stayed in place and didn’t fall. Do this on both sides. You should have a dip in the middle of the string as it would be longer than the original length you measured.

5. Hang you polaroids

You will need one ‘tiny baby peg’ for each polaroid photo. I found it was easier to attach the photos to the string after the string was hanging up to avoid the photos from sliding out of place. Simply attach your peg and photograph to the string in the order you chose earlier. I left small gaps, around 2cm, between each photograph but I have also seem examples where the washing line is crowded with photographs too, this can look so cool if you do it right.


I think polaroid washing lines are such a pretty was to decorate and empty space and liven up your room. I hope this blog post inspired some of you to create one of these too! If it helped you out in anyway please let me know either in the comments or via Twitter (@emilyrobxrts)

Emily X

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