Lush Easter collection 2015

As you all already know, I’m a massive fan of Lush, so pretty much any product they bring out I’m willing to try. Whenever Lush bring out a collection for a holiday or event it always gets me sooo excited and I’m always so eager to try as many as I can of the products. Near the beginning of March, Lush released their 2015 Easter collection and I made a few (yes, just a few, I didn’t go overboard this time like I have done in the past) purchases from the collection to try out.

fluffy egg
fluffy egg

My favourite product out of the whole collection had to be Fluffy Egg. At first, I was a little reluctant to buying this as when I saw it online, it looked quite small and I prefer the bigger bath bombs, however when I saw it in the store I couldn’t resist buying it. It wasn’t one of the biggest bath bombs I’ve seen but it was still quite a good size. The main thing I loved about this bath bomb was the smell, the typical Lush snow fairy smell which I’m sure many of you know and love, just like I do. As well as this, it has such a beautiful bright pink colour so there’s no shock that I absolutely fell in love with it.


Fluffy egg turned my bath water an amazing bright pink colour. I mixed fluffy egg with a tiny amount of the comforter bubble bar which just added to the amazing smell.

bunch of carrots
bunch of carrots

Another of the products which I was so excited about trying was the Bunch of Carrots bubble bars, which looked SO cute in store I couldn’t resist buying them. I wasn’t too keen on the smell at first because it’s more of a fresh smell with this product where I usually go for the sweeter or fruity scents.


To use this bubble bar, you swish the carrots around in your bath water with the tap running, or hold them under the tap. Because this is a reusable bubble bar, they’re difficult to crumble under the water. These tiny carrots turned my bath water a light orange colour with plenty of bubbles. This product is amazing value for money since you can get multiple baths out of it.

golden egg
golden egg

The last product I picked up from the Easter collection was Golden Egg. It was the smell of this bath bomb that did it for me! It reminded me of a cross between butterball and honey bee, I love both of these products so I knew I’d love this one too! The egg is sooo glittery, there was glitter all over my hands and nose while in the store so beware of that if you plan on buying it.


Golden Egg is quite a slow fizzer, with it being part bath melt on the outside and a bath bomb in the inside, but I didn’t mind too much. The bath water turns a sweet smelling, shimmery, yellow pool which leaves your skin feeling super soft and glittery. You will need to clean out your bath after using this bath bomb as the glitter sticks to the bottom of the tub, nothing a little cleaning product can’t fix though.

Although I only picked up three of the products, I absolutely loved the whole of the 2015 Easter collection from Lush, every product looked amazing and fitted the occasion perfectly. Lush didn’t disappoint as usual.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little Lush haul/review, sorry that it was pretty short again but you can look forward to a longer one at Christmas time as that when my favourite products are released. I hope you all have an amazing Easter holiday!

Emily X

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