Burberry kisses review

Last week I received a sample of the new Burberry Kisses lipstick, a new range of lipsticks from Burberry. I thought I’d do a review for you guys since they’re a new product and so you guys could see if the product is worth the money in case you want to buy them yourself.

First of all, Burberry advertised/promoted their new product in a way I’ve never seen before. In order to get a free sample, you had to be nominated by a friend and once you had been nominated and ordered your free sample, you had the opportunity to nominate up to five friends so they could get a free sample too! I think this is a great idea, because Burberry used social network to promote their new product, it spread quickly.

Once you had been nominated, you had the choice of four colours to choose from for your sample, I chose ‘Military Red’ which is a classic, bright red colour. Burberry have 29 colours available in their new range, which you can check out at https://uk.burberry.com/burberry-kisses . The packaging of the lipsticks are so pretty and look even more adorable in miniature form.

Applying the lipstick feels amazing, they’re super creamy and moisturizing which is definitely what I look for in a lipstick. The colour lasts and doesn’t rub off straight away like some other lipsticks do. Once I have used up my entire sample I will most likely purchase a full sized version of the product, maybe in a lighter pink shade so I can wear it for prom. I definitely recommend you check out the website because this product is seriously amazing.

(Sorry that this is a short post, I’m at work a lot during the Easter holidays so I don’t really have time to write a massive post. I promise I’ll upload a longer one when I get the chance). If this post helped you out in anyway please let me know in the comments or via Twitter (@emilyrobxrts)

Emily X

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