Bootea teatox review

After hearing about ‘Bootea’, a detox tea that cleansed your body while helping to fasten your metabolism and burn fat, endlessly on social media websites, I finally gave in to the temptation and picked up a fourteen day teatox pack from my local Holland and barrett.

Before trying this product, I didn’t really like the idea of a deatox tea (I’m definitely not the biggest fan of hot drinks, especially not ones that don’t include chocolate) and I didn’t know anything about green tea or it’s benefits on the body. I think if I heard how good it is for you before now I maybe would have gave it a go a lot sooner. Green tea contains all sorts of important nutrients that protect cells from damaging along with playing a role in aging and helping to prevent diseases. As well as this it is also known to burn fat and improve physical performance. (information provided from so if you want to know more about the benefits of drinking green tea there is plenty on that website).

little bags of love
little bags of love

At first I was a little bit undecided as to whether it would be worth paying almost £20 for a box of the fourteen day teatox but I’m so glad I did buy it. The box came with two packages, one filled with fourteen of the daytime teatox and another smaller package filled with seven bedtime cleanse teabags. Bootea recommend you drink one of the fourteen daytime teas once a day, preferably when you wake up (it doesn’t matter too much if you can’t drink it straight away, just as soon as you can is best), and one of the bedtime teas every two days before bed. It is also recommended that you drink the tea as part of a healthy lifestyle to see the best results.

I not only found that after my fourteen day bootea challenge I had shifted a couple of pounds, I also felt so much better with myself, feeling more lovely and awake than before I had tried bootea. At first I wasn’t too keen on the taste but after a few days I grew to quite like it.


I will definitely be purchasing bootea again as I miss it being part of my daily routine. It is going to be a must buy before my holidays in the summer and hopefully I will be able to improve my diet even more to see even more results next time. I cannot thank the creators of bootea enough for making such a wonderful product that is loved by many, me now included.

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Emily X

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