Germany/Poland 2013

In 2013 I travelled to Berlin and Krakow as part of an educational trip to visit some historical sites and famous landmarks, as well as doing a spot of shopping while in the cities. According to the few pictures I managed to take, I was incapable of using a camera properly but I had an amazing time so what does that matter.

Bradenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate

After travelling for around eighteen hours on our coach we arrived at the youth hostel, that we would be staying at for the first few days of the trip, we unpacked and had a decent nights sleep (that’s a complete lie, non of us slept at all with the excitement of being so far away from home) n our first day in the city of Berlin we saw some famous landmarks, including the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall and the Reichstag building. It was so interesting to find out so much about the history of the city that I most likely never would have learnt otherwise.

Berlin Zoo
Berlin Zoo

Later in the trip, we had the opportunity to visit Berlin Zoo for the full day, meaning we could take a walk around the 87 acre land, see the wide variety of animals and for me to eat a total of four ice creams within the space of two hours (just because I was away from home and there was no one to tell me I couldn’t). My favourite animal had to be the baby monkey.


Before leaving the city of Berlin we visited the Kollhoff-Building, witnessing the sunset over Berlin and seeing a 360 degree, panoramic view over Berlin. This was a beautiful way to end a beautiful day, the weather was amazing and so was the view. After arriving to the viewing platform by travelling in the fastest elevator in Europe, going up 100 metres in just twenty seconds. This is something I would definitely LOVE to experience again.

sunset in Krakow
sunset in Krakow

While in Krakow I didn’t have the opportunity to take as many pictures (barely any a all actually) because some of the places we visited didn’t allow cameras and others seemed a bit disrespectful to take photographs, for example we visited Auschwitz, a truly heart breaking experience, and I didn’t feel that it was right to take photographs. We also visited places such as Schindler’s factory, Wieliczka salt mine and did a lot of shopping in the old town. To finish off the trip, we went on a boat ride on our last night, watching the sunset and having tea before heading back to the hotel and packing for our extra long journey home. Our coach broke down twice on the way home which completely delayed the journey as we had to wait for a new one to pick us up, however this all just made the trip that little bit more exciting.

I cannot wait to go on one of my little journeys again (hopefully it will be soon) so I can take lots and lots of pictures, I promise they’ll be better than the ones in this post, and share what I did with you all.

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