Lush Valentine’s Collection 2015

For those of you who know me, you already know how much I am completely in love with Lush. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I’m pretty much addicted to the business and can’t go past a Lush store without going inside of it and spending quite a lot of money (let’s not go into detail about that and pretend I don’t spend the majority of my money in the stores).

When I saw that Lush had released their Valentine’s Day inspired collection in late January, I was eager to get my hands on a few of the products and try them out. I’m very rarely disappointed with Lush products so I had very high hopes for these products, especially with their pretty pink colours and sweet smells. I’m so pleased to say that the products I managed to get my hands on completely lived up to my expectations and more.

Love locket bathbomb
Love locket bathbomb

I hadn’t intended in buying the love locket bathbomb as it was pretty expensive, however that all changed when the lovely lady in the store did a demo for me and showed me what the bathbomb did. This made me completely change my mind about the product. I then went on to smell the product and I was absolutely amazed. Love locket had such a sweet and candy like smell, which is definitely what I usually go for.

pretty pink water
pretty pink water

The lady in the shop had told me that I was able to get three baths out of love locket however I couldn’t resist using it all in one. This bathbomb turned my water a pretty pink colour and I was delighted to find that tiny little paper hearts came out of the bathbomb, and even more delighted to find that they lasted throughout the whole bath. I really hope that Lush reintroduce this product next year as it is something I’d definitely purchase again.

Heart throb bubble bar
Heart throb bubbleroon

Another product that I purchased was the Heart throb bubbleroon, in which you run under a running tap to create lots and lots of big bubbles. In the past I have used several bubble bars from lush and have always found that they make the water feel so soft and create bubbles that last during the bath.

shimmery, orangey, bubbly
shimmery, orangey, bubbly

Heart throb created massive bubbles as well as making the water a shimmery orange colour. It had a fresh scent which I didn’t think I’d like however I very much did. I managed to get two baths out of the bubbleroon, one for each half but if you used the product more sparingly you could easily get three or four. Heart throb is a product I would purchase again.

Unicorn Horn bubble bar
Unicorn Horn bubble bar

The third out of the three products I picked up from the Valentine’s Day collection was the Unicorn Horn bubble bar.  I was so excited to try this product, you can probably see exactly why from the picture above. Unicorn horn had such a sweet smell along with four pretty colours moulded into one unicorn horn shape, hence the name of the product.

baby pink water

Unicorn Horn turned my bath water a baby pink / lilac colour which was full of shimmer and made bubbles that lasted throughout the bath. This product was clearly one of the favourites from the entire Valentine’s collection, judging by my twitter and instagram feed. I would be delighted if Lush reintroduced this product next year.

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