Polagram app review

During the summer I heard a lot of people talking about an app called ‘Polagram’ where you could send your favourite pictures, directly from your phone, to them and you would receive them through the post a few days later in a polaroid style. Obviously I got super super excited and had to download it to check it out and I’m soooo glad that I did. It can be a tiny bit tricky to work at first but after messing around with it I eventually got the hang of it and found it amazing. It was also really great to find out there was other style you could get your photos printed in, not just polaroid.

The polaroid pictures they do are priced at £0.29 each and if you live in the UK the postage and packaging price takes the overall price up to £2. BUT this is the most important part, when you make an account on the app, you are given your own individual code on the ‘get free credits’ section. When you use someone else’s referral code while ordering a product you get £2 off (if you only order one picture you get it completely free and if you do this first before ordering a more expensive product you get to see for yourself how great the quality of the products are). If you share your code on social media sites etc someone might end up using it on their own account, when someone has used your code you get £2 credit put into your own polagram credit bank, these credits are available for you to spend on any of the products on the app. What I love most is every so often Polagram with have offers or deals where you are able to get certain products for cheaper (eg a certain amount of polaroid pictures for so much cheaper than you normally would be able to).

polaroid washingline
polaroid washingline

So far I’ve bought 25 pictures from the company and I’ve never felt disappointed. The quality of the pictures are always a VERY high standard and are 100% worth the 2/3 day wait you after placing your order. I’ve even found that sometimes my orders have arrived earlier than the expected date of arrival which is the best surprise. The pictures are so so pretty and you can do soooo much with them it’s crazy. I decorated the wall above my bed in my bedroom with them in a ‘polaroid washingline’ yes I am aware how silly that sounds style and I absolutely love looking at it. They’ve made my room look so much prettier. Obviously you could do pretty much whatever you wanted with the polaroidsand Polagram have a lot of examples on their instagram (polagramapp) and Twitter (@Polagram) accounts of what other people have done.

If this blog post helped you out in anyway please let me know by commenting or via Twitter (@emilyrobxrts)

Emily X

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  1. These are so lovely! I love your blog, your posts are amazing! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤


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